School Excursions

Self-Guided Experience

At Fairy Park, we believe in fostering independent exploration while prioritising the safety and well-being of students.

There are no staff members to show you around, allowing students the freedom to discover and immerse themselves in the magic of Fairy Park. This unique approach encourages curiosity, self-discovery, and imaginative play, all while under the watchful guidance of teachers and carers.

Please note that while students have the opportunity to explore independently, it is essential that they remain under the supervision of teachers/carers at all times. Their presence ensures a safe and enjoyable experience, allowing them to provide guidance, answer questions, and ensure appropriate behaviour throughout the visit.

Our self-guided experience aims to strike a balance between empowering students to explore on their own and maintaining a secure environment.

We encourage teachers and carers to actively engage with students, encourage interactive learning, and promote discussions about the enchanting wonders they encounter during their visit.

By combining independent exploration with responsible supervision, Fairy Park creates an environment that nurtures both the students’ sense of adventure and their safety.

Some Extra Information

  • The Park opens at 10 am, so groups can arrive any time after that.
  • Upon arrival, the bus(es) will drive up the hill to the ticket box. Our friendly attendant will get your actual numbers and provide parking directions for the bus drivers.
  • Each adult on the bus will receive a hard copy of the guide map (see attached).
  • An undercover area can be reserved and available for your group to use for morning snacks, lunch, etc.
  • The Kiosk will be open for hot drinks, icy poles, etc., on Fridays and at restricted times on other days.
  • Most schools typically unpack from the buses, have a morning snack break, and then split up into smaller groups to enter the Park. We recommend leaving about 5 minutes between each group as you enter. Start at location #1 on the guide map and follow through until #38. If you take your time, this self-guided experience usually takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour (maximum).
  • After exploring the Park, schools often have lunch or visit the Camelot Playground.

Download Guide Map
Pricing 10-99 Students
Pricing 100+ Students