Birthdays & Groups

Fairy Park is great venue for any sized gathering. Perfect for parties or family get-together’s.

Simply arrive on the day, enter by paying the admission fee from your car, drive up to the car park, claim a spot in the picnic grounds, put up a few decorations and away you go!  Have the kids dress up in theme for a bit of extra fun.

BYO picnic or order take-away from the Hungry Knight Eatery. BBQ’s not permitted.

If you’ve never been before, Fairy Park is an outdoor Park where you walk along paved footpaths to the top of a hill and back with fairy tale scenes along the way. There’s also an adventure playground, kiosk, food outlet, gift shop and picnic grounds.

Most people spend around 2 hours discovering everything there is to do. Allow more time for socializing and enjoying the great outdoors.



To help control your costs and keep it simple, there’s no birthday packages involved. All you need is access to the picnic grounds which is included in the admission price. BYO birthday cake. We don’t have room for storing cakes but there’s always fast and easy access to your car.


Picnic Grounds

Located near car parks, the picnic grounds are spread out over a large area with picnic tables dotted around. Available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Ye Old Shelter seats up to 100 and is perfect when the weather isn’t. Table reservations an option (see below).

No BBQ’s facilities at Fairy Park. Strictly no BYO BBQ’s allowed.

BYO picnic is fine.

Food Options

There’s the Hungry Knight Eatery where you can order all the food you need. Fish, chips, dinosaur nuggets, fresh wraps, sandwiches etc. all at reasonable prices.

For birthday groups, there’s no catering packages. Instead, simply order on arrival and pick-up at your pre-arranged time. (see Facilities Page for more info)

BYO if you have special dietary requirements. Fresh coffee, Ice creams, cold drinks all available.


Guest Tickets

Get organised before the big day to help ensure your day runs smoothly.
At the entry gate there’s no guest lists, drop-off’s or buying tickets for people on their way.

Instead, you can pay for your guests with these 2 options or a combination of both:
Option 1. Arrive at separate times, let your guests pay the admission and you reimburse them.
Option 2. Arrive together (one car behind the other) and pay upon entry for some or all of the guests.

For local organisers, issues can arise if guests want to drop off/pick-up their kids beyond the entry gate without paying an entry fee. As the park layout is not suited for this. Make other transport arrangements to avoid issues.

Mobile phone reception is limited or non-existent so be organised prior to leaving home to ensure a smooth start to your important day.

Well done for getting this far! You have gone a long way to ensuring your event is gonna be great!

Reserve an Undercover Area

Tables can be reserved for groups of 40+ in Ye Old Shelter for $50. This gives you some peace of mind knowing you have a prime spot waiting for you.

To enquire about table reservations email & leave a brief description along with your best contact number to

Hot Tip: The same tables can also be had for FREE if no one’s reserved them first.

Bigger Groups

Kings Castle Shelter seats up to 300 and is a great fit for groups of 50+. Social clubs, community events, car club rally’s, naming rights and first year birthdays are just some of the types of get-togethers regularly hosted in this venue. Discounts available under certain circumstances and conditions. Email FP to inquire about your event. Be sure to include your best contact number so we can give you a call and go over the options for your specific event.


Adverse Weather

There’s enough places throughout the Park to avoid getting wet by passing showers, but occasionally, when it rains for long periods, raincoats or umbrellas are a must. Paths are fully paved with no steps and are safe no matter the conditions.

Driving to and from Anakie on Total Fire Ban days should be avoided and Fairy Park reserves the right to close the venue at short notice should fire-danger conditions become too dangerous. The last time this happened was back in January 2006 when bushfires were in the area. For your own safety, when travelling country Victoria in high fire danger periods maintain the latest up to date fire information via the Vic Emergency app, website & monitor local ABC radio.